starsky lara


I am a designer & product development engineer. Formerly
software developer and environmental designer for the city
council of Barcelona. In my spare time, I write about the impact
of digital fabrication, generative design and how designer can use
machine learning application in new products.

N°1 work

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with Clay


3D print large object


Visualization &
Geospatial Analyst


healthy plants assessment


Information (GIS)
Software Developer


Wind Resource Assessment


Analyst &
Computer Science


zero emission optimization

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N°3 background


Starsky Lara designs systematic methods to help humans interact with machines.

I'm a multidisciplinary creative how enjoy working in all aspects of product design, from the idea to the business plan, from user research to A/B testing; or from the prototype to the manufacturing process. I started out working in Print Advertising in my early days back in 1998. After a few years, I moved to the digital world and started to work in 3d modeling, illustration and web design; at the same time, I was studying architecture. Where I began to explore digital tools, absorbing the impact generated by those on creative development; Associated with design, manufacturing and search for energy optimizations. – In 2010 I moved to Barcelona Catalonia, where I began working at WMA Architecture. Here I got the opportunity to work as architect and as well to experiment with computer science and IoT applications; Getting involve with smart cities devices, rapid prototyping techniques and the use of smart robots to empower the designs. – After working as an architect, I got a scholarship at the Masters of Advanced Architecture (M.Arch) at IaaC. There, with the aid of Marta Malé Alemany in her digital Tectonics program. My team develop a digital manufacturing technique call FabCLAy. With the aim to 3D print large free form objects in clay. – After my last experience, my desire to work as product development began. In 2013 I start to work for the city council of Barcelona as software development. With my knowledge in computer science and digital fabrication, I got involve in the project Eolic. With aim of identified areas with greater wind potential at low altitudes. after a good year. I got the opportunity to develop a tool called DUMO. this tool was intended to minimizing the energy demand in the new urban developments. In this project, I go the opportunity to introduce my team with Machine learning, enabling the optimization of the urban designs and getting intelligent and articulate solutions. – After 3 year of work. In 2105, I made the decision to get a Master in Product Engineering and Manufacturing Processes (M.ENG) at Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). At the same time, with my new skills, I start to work in two projects. One call NERO where I been developed tools to visualize NDVI Information for widely used 3D modeling and designing order to offer a valuable tool for urban planners and municipalities for reading, visualizing and detect critical environmental conditions. And the second one is the project eForcis. Wich converts mechanical energy contained in sea waves into electricity by using electromagnetic principles.

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